European Business Centre are honoured to invite you to V edition of National Economic Summit OSG2018. The Summit will be held on 26-27th september in Siedlce at the premises of Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny located at 39 Żytnia Street. The main theme of the Summit is: State-Economy-Security: Main Keystones of Future Economy”.

For the fifth time European Business Centre intends to invite the key representatives of politics, economy, science and business to National Economic Summit. During this edition we intend to focus on the keystones of Polish future economy –the sectors, companies and institutions which, in their operations and determination contribute to the development of Polish economy. We intend to hold a number of discussions focused on the risks resulting from investments uncertainty, international situation, security (economical, energy, financial) and also from infrastructure and innovation potential. The main theme of the summit: State-Economy-Security is the common thread of a number of initiatives, projects and strategies executed by the President of the Republic of Poland, the Government and specific Ministries so it is the excellent starting point for interesting and inspiring discussion. The first day of the summit ends with the Gala during which the statues “Polish Economy Ambers 2019” are awarded. (Centrum Kultury i Sztuki im. Andrzeja Meżeryckiego Scena Teatralna Miasta Siedlce przy ul. Biskupa Ignacego Świrskiego 31).

We earnestly invite to participate,

Wojciech Kudelski
President of City of Siedlce

Krzysztof Karaś
CEO, Europejskie Centrum Biznesu